Monday, July 02, 2012

monday sanity.

Darkix: happenned to me earlier today...
Cougarix: what the fuck.
Cougarix: suddenly, ponies.
Darkix: ponies....PONIES EVERYWHERE!!
Darkix: :))
Cougarix: and a telephone booth.
Cougarix: and.. is that a turtle?
Darkix: yup
Darkix: Dr Whooves's (a pony parody of Dr. Who) police box, Rank, Rainbow Dash's pet...
Darkix: e un program care face sa apara si sa se plimbe pe ecran ponei
Darkix: l-am pornit, nu i-am facut configurarea si par default erau selectati toti
Cougarix: ah, beautiful.
Darkix: lotsa ponies
Darkix: yup
Cougarix: and an eagle.
Darkix: acuma am doar pe plimba p'aici
Cougarix: and a genie?
Darkix: that's a gryphon
Cougarix: and a dog.
Cougarix: two dogs!
Cougarix: and a crocodile.
Cougarix: fuck.
Cougarix: go away.
Darkix: :))
Darkix: want ponies on your desktop? ;))
Cougarix: no.
Cougarix: unless i get the other program, the one that fires bullets at every click.
Cougarix: and the one with a squashy hammer.
Cougarix: and there's another one with a chainsaw.
Cougarix: yes, i know them all.
Darkix: bugger off...ponies are awesome :>
Cougarix: so are guns, hammers and chainsaws.
Darkix: yup