Friday, May 18, 2012

but maybe i should replay this week's sleep night.

in retrospect, i like this too much to keep it a secret.

when i'm alone in the dark, i immediately imagine i have night vision and some big guns in both my hands. it makes me take a commando cowboy stance. then i smirk alphally, squint my eyes and microjolt my arms, playing that gun reloading sound in my head.

the most scarred parts of my body are my head (six scars), my right leg/foot (seven scars), my left arm/hand (three scars). it's like a podium that i'm climbing, big steps, my right foot in front, my head leaning just below my right knee, and my left hand adjusting the equilibrium and pushing the step. i figured out that the figures do figure.

lately, i've been liking a song. here it is, with an official video of a different song.

i also love this one and smirk at this one. oddly enough, awolnation's official video for this song sucks.