Friday, April 26, 2013

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this is going to be an unusual article of this arc, because of the complete and utter awesomeness of the person of which i am going to write, and also because i finally got my head around quoting all the sources (main source of this article: wikipedia).

this is hazel mccallion. 92 years old. nickname: "hurricane hazel".

such a sweet and frail little old lady.
this is mississauga. 45 years old as a town (1968), 39 years old as a city (1974). many pictures here.

43°36'n, 79°39'w, population 713,443 (2011).
hazel mccallion has been the elected mayor of mississauga since 1978. that's 35 years of mayorship. at the last elections, in 2010, she won by a landslide. 76%. she is said to have set a record in 2005, by getting 98% of the votes.

a few other things about hurricane hazel.

she has three children from a marriage that lasted from 1951 to 1997, when her husband passed away. she never remarried.

she played professional hockey in her young years. as a forward.
and she still has the moves now. (source.)
in april 2006, there was a police standoff about a man threatening to kill himself. after five hours of negotiations, hazel mccallion appeared and demanded he stood down so that the police, paramedic and fire personnel could attend to more important matters.

she has worked with a variety of federal and provincial governments, and has not expressed a consistent party preference, preferring to work with each elected official. she does not campaign during elections and refuses to accept political donations, instead asking her supporters to donate the money to charity. 

she believes that a city should be run like a business. an outcome of this approach of hers on politics is that the city of mississauga did not have to borrow any money from 1978 and is debt-free as of 2012.

she hosts an annual gala to raise money for arts and culture in the city. she runs a charity foundation for children with hiv and aids in southern africa.

she openly supports the forming of a palestinian state.

tom urbaniak (professor at cape breton university) called her "a political scientist's dream come true". (source.)

she got hit by a truck in 2003. (source.)
mississauga*. (source.)

this lady deserves a movie - ney! a series, a comic book, a temple, a museum, a myriad of statues and shrines, the city of mississauga named after her, and a comic by the oatmeal.

this article was inspired by irina vasilescu. you can find her here.