Monday, April 01, 2013

the game.

so, i was thinking of designing a mmorpg. here are some features, feel free to pitch in.

  • you can't customise your character before starting the game. random race, gender, place to start.
  • pvp mode only. alliances can be formed, but each player has the option of breaking alliance at all times. also, friendly fire is always on. no sanctuaries, no combat-free zone.
  • you start with zero primary skills, secondary skills, tertiary skills, and custom skills. you develop them throughout the game.
  • five primary skills to upgrade: strength, dexterity, intelligence, charisma, soul.
  • the secondary skills, tertiary skills, and custom skills are upgradable only if you upgrade the primary five.
  • the health bar is random. influenced by account type, gameplay, other players, quests.
  • the mana bar is calculated by a specific algorithm of three primary skills: intelligence, charisma, soul.
  • game items: junk, normal, enhanced, magic, rare, unique. each item requires an amount of mana.
  • each time you use mana to get an item, you must select the right amount of each of the three mana skills, which is always different, plus other primary, secondary, tertiary, and custom skills. even if you always select the right amounts, there's still no guarantee you get the item. so, good luck with that.
  • a plethora of bogus quests - no level up, no gold, little-to-no xp, a lot of active gameplay.
  • the xp seldom helps you level up. levelling up is made either through alliances with other players you don't really like (or like, if you're lucky), or by yourself - but that usually requires much more active gameplay.
  • you get an account by random selection. once you receive an account, you get an upgradable console and you're automatically logged in.
  • your account has a limited gameplay time, and you don't know how much that is. idle time counts as gameplay. there is no afk, there's no logging off/on.
  • awesome graphics. well, less awesome for some players that have blind characters. same goes for every other sensor. the realms are extremely realistic and the console is the latest tech. i'm really going for the whole nine yards.
  • it's always hardcore mode. you die in the game, that's it. no saves, no respawns, no new accounts.

yeah, it's a bad idea. who the hell would buy this.