Tuesday, December 20, 2011


so, went for some personal riddling after my day of professional riddles, moved to my hometown, was born in the same city as i was born, i live next to myself, i come from same place as the riddles, and i really don't have a common name.

i'm a riddle,
i'm a needle,
i'm away
and i'm a fiddle.

i'm a riddler,
i'm a hammer,
i'm a train
and i'm a scammer.

with a twiddle
in the middle,
many blinks
i did once diddle.

i'm white darkness,
i'm deep sand,
i'm lighthearted
i'm a band.

i sing badly,
i sweat art,
i'm all smiling,
i'm a dart.

i'm all clever

on a griddle.
not so smart

when i'm apart.