Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A friend that works in IT wants a new place to work.

This post is new for me, for I am about to openly advertise someone in his search for a better work place. It's written in English because - let's be fair - Romanian people working in IT understand the language just fine and I would also like this message to go out to foreign managers or other working people of foreign descent. I'm a bit embarrassed by this post, because this guy deserves something more in the line of The Oatmeal, but I really don't have the skills for that.

So, here goes.

One small thing: I won't disclose my friend's name or his contact information (other than the fact he lives in Bucharest), because his current boss spends way - waa-hay! - too much time on Facebook (this is but one of the small reasons for which he wants to leave his current working place), and she might see this, so you can imagine the number of shites that would hit the fan if she figures out who I'm talking about. Also, for those of you who know our main character, please, like/share, but don't disclose his name. Thank you.

Now, without further ado, let's move on to the CV section:
2007 - present day: User Experience Designer
  • Creation of functional mock-ups for e-commerce websites 
  • Receiving requirements from French clients, interpreting, making suggestions 
  • Building site maps, widget annotations so that the programmer can implement functional design 
  • Constant communication with the designer and the programmer in order to deliver qualitative work on time. 
  • Checking implementation possibilities and sharing this information with the client and the programmer 
  • Define main structure of the pages
 2006 - 2007: Assistant Programmer
  • Taking care of active forums
  • Basic trainings on MS Office and Internet Explorer
  • CD covers and presentations design 
  • Axure RP (Wireframes, UI design) - advanced knowledge
  • MySQL - intermediate knowledge
  • XAMPP - intermediate knowledge
  • Adobe Flash - intermediate knowledge
  • Adobe Photoshop - basic knowledge
  • Adobe Fireworks - basic knowledge 
  • English - advanced
  • French - intermediate 
  • Great capacity of working under pressure
  • Loyal
  • Open to learning how to use new tools and learning new manners of doing things
  • Open for sharing 
OK, now we all know that people usually write a bunch of bollocks in the skills sections: they are actually the ones who wrote the entire MS Office code, they're super work mules, visionary and revolutionary leaders, they're this close to tattooing the company logo on their butt cheeks to prove their loyalty and so on.

About his work experience and IT skills, let me just say that I have no clue what the bloody Queen Victoria's pantyhose Axure RP and XAMPP mean. Really, I have no idea what he does exactly and I don't plan on finding out, either. However, he's been working with this computery mumbo-jumbo for several years, so I guess he's modest when he says "advanced".

About his personal skills, I'm here to tell you that this guy puts his money where his mouth is. When he gets a project with a virtually impossible-to-meet deadline - his boss being incompetent enough to put him in this situation as often as she can -, he stays up late (and by late, I mean late, and I'm an eagle owl, myself), he wakes up at hours that would put roosters in shame, or he just loses the entire night over it. Bottom line, he gets the job done. Now, I'm not saying this so his virtual employer would know that he could do the same (don't be a bastard, virtual employer!) given his capacity to handle a ridiculously humongous amount of work in a ridiculously tiny number of work days, but as a proof of his determination. And the fact that he's been working in the same place for 5 years speaks of two things: his loyalty towards a firm that has been less than grateful to its employees (over the last year, pay checks were delayed for several weeks for no good reason - the firm's clients did their part and paid their fees in time) and the fact that he was indispensable to them - from an office full of people some years ago, only a handful still work there.

What can I say, he's the perfect employee. If I had a company that works with French, English, Irish, Scottish or American clients and uses Axure RP and XAMPP, whatever those are, I'd hire him in a heartbeat.

On a more personal level, he's one of the sharpest tools in the shed, has a black cat that's the coolest black cat on a two-mile radius, he rides his bike with tremendous joy, he's up for any new adventurous stuff, he provides for himself and his little sister since.. well, since before I ever met him, he presents one of the best, funniest and most clever trolling humour I've encountered in my funny clever trolling life (he is a redditor), and he fancies rock. And I don't mean Green Day, I mean Iron Maiden. And yes, he is also a gamer. Now, I'm going to stop here, because this is not a matrimonial ad (by the way, he's single).

For anyone interested in hiring my friend and in need of more specific information, please get in touch with me ( and I will put you in direct contact to him as soon as possible.

(Dude, when this comes through, you owe me a bottle of scotch from your first pay check.)