Monday, September 19, 2011

no pics, but it did happen.

the brazen wind makes a lot of noise in my head. dozens of thoughts rushing and innumerable voices of way-too-definite genders buzzing around my temples and trying to nest in my ears. black clouds over the next peak, silver rays over the valley of lost time. my toes and heels develop roots in the elastic mattress that some people heidi-like call "alpine pasture". i lay down in the grass and, in a second, everything goes quiet. there is no wind "down" there. as i look up at (.. to?) the fuzzy image, my brain needs a few moments to realize what's going on: there's a cloud passing from my feet to my head, about four metres above the ground. there is everything happening there, yet absolutely no sound. not even music. nothing. the biggest stampede ever is mute. billions of water drops travelling light, like they have a better place to be, and i believe them.