Thursday, September 22, 2011

places to go, people to meet.

so, internet, right? largest place on earth. larger than the pacific ocean, larger than everest, larger than life. basically, you see stuff. you also hear stuff and read stuff, but the seeing part is the main part. jaw-dropping oglery - let's be honest, that's what everybody's looking for. your eyes plugged into your brains and your brains running around naked, screaming: "my hair is on fire, my hair is on fire!". that, if you have hairy brains. and i know for a fact that some of you do. you know who you are.

just to throw you some dry wood, here's two see links from two guys. the comments under the first three pictures are mine, the other four are the author's titles.

Adrian Petrisor - Photography - never met the guy. exchanged a couple of courtesy lines over the almighty facebook (good morning, slut, still topstorying, i see), and that was all. but, man, can he push one's buttons with his pictures. i like his work so much, it annoys the hell out of me. i'm not a quick liker, but, when i first entered his blog, i didn't stand a chance. anyway, enough said. here's some of his latest updates. country of choice: england.

toothless, some day you and i will take this trip.
at dawn, we live.
i'll have that medula oblongata blown now, thank you very much.

.. excuse me, i went out for a couple of minutes, to get some fresh air.

now, for the other dude: Travis D. Hendrix (it's his facebook page; for some unbeknown reason, his website's down.) taking the big hint from his name, i bet you already figured out he's not romanian; actually, he's the most interesting australian i've ever met. and i met quite a few. when i first saw him, i took him for a british dude, but i came around pretty fast when he started playing "my brown-eyed girl" on my guitar in a bohemian livingroom i used to, well, live: never heard an englishman singing a song composed by a northern irishman. but, despite his last name, music is not travis' prime talent. the man paints and draws and sketches. with coffee. yes, he also uses classic "ammo", like canvas, paper, ink, watercolours, oil.. you know, what regular, boring artists use, but, damnit, he paints with coffee. he makes both internal and external use of that substance, and he does it brilliantly. i give you some of my favourite works of his.

The Hummock Machine
The Soiree
Aunt Helen's Kitchen

(hey, travis! you remember that drawing you did, in that livingroom? i'm going to hold on to it, and sell it for 2,000,000 bucks - just a ballpark figure - in a couple of years. then, i'm going to steal it back, because i like it too much.)

p.s. i was planning on writing another "no comment, just sayin'" article, about the troy davis execution. but, as you can see, i'm really not in the mood for that. maybe another day.