Wednesday, August 03, 2011


not long ago, people used to call me out on the fact that i was writing in english, under the idiotic assumption that it was a sign of my angst or just being plain nervous.

these days they merely utter their disapproval of their hindered comprehension upon reading my posts. a tad more sincere. a smirk occurred.

alas, it's been quite a while since i had my last ghost being written-off around here. and it's been a little too long, because that's how i manage to keep a shallow, narrow, shaky, slacky lifeline for my bare feet. just like a loose halyard.

i really don't think i need a break. not now. the experiment is going great.

p.s. asta nu-nseamnă că n-am să mai scriu în română. de altfel, taman ieri v-am cadorisit din preaplinul mărinimiei inimii mele, scriind despre un exemplu colectiv de imbecilitate autohtonă. vă place, aţi dat like, Ă.