Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hanging with the wrong people gets you doing the right stuff.

as you might have noticed, i've been updating my blog quite often, lately. that's because i have a lot of work to do and little-to-no drive for most of it. but this is just the tip of my torpid iceberg. i've been around the internet, as well. i've sunk to deep, ugly places, as well as hiked to high, beautiful ones. some of them i've just discovered, some of them i've known for a long time. it's called procrastination 1.0.1., this should not be news to you.

and i do this for a reason. i know that, at some point, i'll get to a link that will get me off my ass and put a metaphorical spring in my metaphorical step, on my metaphorical way to my not-so-metaphorical work. when all other reasoning with myself fails, this is the last resort.

today i have reached the point and triggered the resort.

i do have some websites i will not go to. i've been there, read stuff, labeled them as utter bos taurus waste matter and then casted them to the fiery, dark, freezing pit of "fuck, no". unfortunately for my fellow nationality colleagues, most of these websites are romanian. i call these websites "the wrong people".

but, alas, i do know a lot of individuals. and some of them are like frodo: true to the heart, but trusting gollums and orcs (ok, i know frodo never trusted an orc, but i'm making a point here). and so, i've seen some links from those people. long story short, from click to click, knowing exactly where i was heading, i got to the wrong people.

let me make something clear: i am not talking about the right-wrong people, or the wrong-wrong people, or even the wtf-wrong people. no, those people are actually a great bunch and, frankly, i love them. i'm talking about the stupid-wrong people. the sort of people that one needs to push over the edge, just to see them slowly asphyxiating in a slimy, sticky, oozy vortex of their own pernicious imbecility.

now i know i got your attention, not to mention the raised eyebrows and the crooked smiles. 'atta readers, you look alive when you smell death.

well. i got to one of the wrong people today. and, because i know that many of you suffer from a terrible case of "fuck it, let's see what else is on 4chan/reddit/9gag/youtube/facebook/twitter/various news sites/various blogs", i must tell you that i shall ruin it for you and make you go back to work. in fact, after i publish this post, i'll probably get all the stuff i've bounced the last three days done.

yes, i shall divulge the link. but, achtung, before you click on it, use extreme caution: the level of stupidity is through the roof and it will cause your brain to search for immediate sense in the immediate proximity. so, if you have some stuff you must do, but don't feel like doing it, keep it close (a click away will do just fine) and go for it the moment you finish reading.


may loki have mercy on your souls.