Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pulling an all-nighter.

one can be out of money, out of one's mind, out of toilet paper, out of luck, out of sight, out of control, out of the closet, out of food, out of reach.. but never, ever, should one be out of scotch.

i have discovered that, between 0300 and 0500 bravo, i run best on scotch. that should not worry anyone, for i am generally able to run on alcohol on all times, unless when i'm sleeping, and not even then, my alcoholised dreams stand as (bullet)proof.

and so, i would like to dedicate this post to one mr. william grant, for being the only wizard of hogwarts that has ever done magic with alcohol. no, it's not in the book. mr. grant, you are a hero to me and it would be splendid if i ever visited your castle, because i'm out of healthy intoxicating substances and i could really make use of your aristocratic benevolence.

i almost forgot. here's the music for tonight.