Wednesday, January 08, 2014

not another new year resolution article.

.. i'm not one of those people, but i don't believe in coincidences and this january marks the beginning of some new things.

.. and here's what i'm going to do about them.

(actually, this is a to-do list with the unfortunate characteristic of existing in a january.)

  • situation: i'll be moving to a new place. action: i'll get off my lazy ass and really move to that new place by the end of the month.
  • situation: i got my very own event company that has a full plate this year. action: i'll get off my lazy ass, aim in not missing any deadlines, and ace each and every one of those events, because, really, i'm bad ass like that.
  • situation: my event travelling plate is getting full, as well. action: i'll get off my lazy ass and get three certificates by the end of the year: tourism, dive master, and skipper.
  • situation: the last few months have been the best ones with respect to the relationship between my parents and i since maybe i was in high school. action: don't fuck up.
  • situation: i said i wanted to move out of the country by the end of the year. action: i don't know how this is going to develop, but i am planning on at least a couple of months of taking my business abroad. maybe an adventure on the high seas.
  • situation: i've slowly gotten out of shape over the last years (yes, this is that dreaded january topic). action: get my awesome body back.
  • situation: it's an electoral year. action: i will express myself on politics and other related topics the least amount possible. anyway, i gave my tuppence worth in more than one occasion about politics and society in general. i'm really fed up with all this crap.

i'm about to get some really cool stuff done in the close future.


rise and shine.