Monday, May 30, 2011

stop. nyieaouwn. stop.

great breakfast.
amazing dinner.
fantabulous week-end.

went to vadu, today. yes, i wanted you to know that.
they got a fence, now. and parking spaces. and noisy tourist families. brought sofas and chairs. of mauve and white "bio-leather". that entire place is starting to look like a "knicks" cap wore by a rapa nui inhabitant.
no asphalt, though. yet.

deserted beach. no people, no seagulls, can't remember the horizon. made me porcelaining a little in my mind.
got just around 50 bites - considerably fewer swarms of mosquitos than last year. (however, the "autan" post-it in my soul is still there.)
the sea was great, though.


fell asleep shortly after entering the hotel room. woke up.. about now. the guiltness.
could def'n'ly. def'n'ly. def'n'ly use some cold, dry, red wine.

the orchestra arrangement arranged for some seriously slow speed sundance kid.
i will go to sailing school. just so i can fall asleep again, right after docking in a port of perfectly-accentuated britanians.

got no music for you, today. but i do recommend "on the beach" and "looking for the summer". only if you could def'n'ly. def'n'ly. def'n'ly use a scent of scotch in your sea glass.