Monday, June 27, 2011

yesterday's goosebumper.

răzvan, alice and me, riding in the car from kaliakra to tyulenovo, on vangelis' 'albedo'. new land for me, i'd never been in tylenovo before. we turn right at a crossroad and răzvan kindly hands me the 'spiral' album, at my request. it starts playing. we reach tyulenovo, we take a look around, i engage into conversation with natives (velina, if you read this, we'll meet again), we see the cliffs, the grottos, the lizards. (by the way, tyulenovo is this year's bike trip destination for me.)

we leave, as the rainclouds show up (again). taking a random road to the next village that goes along the shore, we see the waves breaking on the rocky shore and we decide to get closer to that side of the story. so we break right, on an unpaved, grassy, rocky and dusty road that heads towards the sea. 'to the unknown man' starts playing, as we approach the shore and the sun is completely covered by dark-gray clouds.

the path goes towards what it seems to be a small obelisk, right on the shore. as we get closer, i see a red star on top of the obelisk and i realize it's a military monument. then, the army drums from the song start playing. the coincidence is stunning. the wind grows really strong. small rain drops suddenly start painting my windshield from left to right, horizontally. we get out of the car, and the rain hits my eyes. with waves breaking just metres from that spot, i can't get a single thing from what's written on the obelisk, the characters are cyrillic. i think they're names and places (because some dates are present, too) but, for me, it's really a monument dedicated to the unknown man.