Friday, July 22, 2011

four weeks..

.. of being barefoot.

i walked on: dirt, asphalt, cement, stones, grass, rubble, wood, brains, holes, sandstone, clothes, sea water, plastic, rubber, smiles, sunshine, flesh, textiles, people, graves, beds, gasoline, souls, schools, trees, birds, cliffs, food, letters, garbage, water, metal, pavement, mammals, sheets, fur, banks, oil, laughter, leaves, customs, rocks, diplomas, pubs, sand, porcelain, seaweed, mud, thistles, homes, restaurants, snow, wheat, time, mobile phones and their phone numbers, branches, glass, sharp, pointy and hard stuff, thin air, blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids, alcohol, shells, tissues, sleeping bags and smoke.

i only wore shoes at specific times: for about 4 hours, when there were 2.5 degrees celsius at about 2,050 metres altitude, with heavily icy snowing and everything; roughly 20 hours, when i had some events with some clients; 7 hours, when i passed my second license exam (i think i'll frame both diplomas and send them to my parents) and once, around 3-4 hours, when i entered my parents' house with other two shoe-wearing people.

i just like to walk around like that. my feet are fine, fewer and fewer things hurt them (none, most of the times). i started to look around more often and i see stuff. i'm (still) easily amused by the stun i inflict in people when they see me on the street or in a bar. oh, the looks on their faces. and that's all. i intend to do this until the end of the summer. my summer.


and, for my gay fans, here's a song where i don't really care much for the lyrics, but for the fact that hugh laurie and john malkovich are in the video (which they manage to turn into a movie).