Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my driver's license is fake.

today is ana's birthday. so, alice, răzvan and me kidnapped her last night, around one o'clock, blindfolded her and took her to a place where the sun didn't shine, because it was around one o'clock in the night, weren't you paying attention?

we had a blast on the way there. with ana blindfolded, from time to time i was asking her if she knew where the hell were we and where the hell were we going. stopped for food (very interesting to see how a person eats when she's blindfolded), ate fries and crispy strips while driving (răzvan is a great copilot - dude, when i take up rally competitions, i want you there with me), drove around for about a half an hour just to confuse the hell out of the prisoner ('hey, guys, how're your ears? we've been ascending for a while. ana, are you ok?' 'yes, yes, they're popping a little, i can manage.' - and we were just on the city outskirts)..

anyway, throughout the bursts of laughter, ana realised:

'man, i'm turning 26! 26 lil' ol' years! weeeeeeeeeee! and i really can't feel a day over 20 right now!'
'yes, honey, i know, i've been turning 19 for the last few years, as well', alice replied.
'by the way, i promise you'll all be invited at my 18-year-old birthday party', i pitched in, while everybody laughed.

.. with a voice oozing of disbelief, alice bullseyed the idea:

'i really don't think we'll live long enough to see that day.'