Sunday, July 17, 2011

universe series.

farscape watcher on one side, white collar watcher on the other.*

laptop next to laptop, with each one watching their favourite series. dialogues intertwining, zhaan and mozzie speaking in the same time, you get the idea.

the farscape watcher (A) pauses his episode and contemptuously glances in the other laptop's screen, then at the white collar watcher (B), then back to the screen and so on, for about a minute:

A: 'i can't believe you're watching this crap.'
B: 'well, i could say the same thing about you! at least my crap is anchored in reality.'
A: 'yeah, all for the worse!'
B: '.. i think you should be glad i don't watch robotzi.'
A: 'you don't like that stuff either, huh.'

the white collar watcher shudders. the farscape watcher gets back to his episode. all is good, crichton and caffrey go about their business, as usual.

* these are just the currently-watched series, but both trends are generally followed by each of the two characters: the farscape watcher just finished battlestar galactica, likes star trek and finds philosophical, religious, historical and political references in the upper-mentioned series (as well as in all sci-fi series) to be very entertaining. the white collar watcher used to watch fringe and the mentalist. and that says it all.